A Farmer's Market With Business Hours

Trust Local Foods is a local food distribution center as well as a retail warehouse grocery. We sell meat, milk, cheese, produce, and value added products direct to consumers and wholesale. Everyone is invited to shop here. We currently offer a membership program that allows customers to pre-order local foods from an extended ordering list at a discount. Request more information on membership by sending us an email.

Trust Local Foods aims at bridging the connections between farmer and consumer. We provide the resources needed to build a resilient local community through educational outreach, direct contact with farmers, and a full cycle system of zero waste. We believe everything works cyclically. What we are given we return. When we buy our vegetables from our farmers we also hope to provide them with the resources to have a healthy and bountiful crop so that they may keep doing business for a long time. That means getting back to the soil, that means getting back to the people.

Putting 'Culture' Back into Agriculture

Food plays a meaningful part of our every day lives, from growing it, cooking with it, and eating it.

Social, Economic, Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability means living in the present to meet the needs of the future. By keeping these three pillars we can reach this aim and create a win-win-win scenario. Work with the seasons—eat seasonally. This includes food preservation. By doing so we rely less on imported food and more on our community.

Eat Slow Foods, Eat Whole Foods

Strive to eat slow foods that are prepared with love. Also preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourage farming of plants, seeds and livestock creating a local ecosystem. Eat whole foods which are unprocessed and unrefined, or processed and refined as little as possible, before being consumed. Embrace your health!

Food Transparency

Know where your food comes from and how its produced. This is your human right folks!

100% Local Foods

We carry only products produced within a 150 mile radius of Appleton, WI. Never going outside of our wonderful state of Wisconsin for the products that we promote and sell.